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Working Terms with Yunikee
Your relationship with Yunikee

Terms & Conditions


The nature of your working relationship with Yunikee and its sub-categories of sign medium and sign channel is not that of an employee but that of a contractor. Your work & payment is defined and paid by Yunikee as agreed on an individual basis. Yunikee reserves the right to allocate work or not depending on its priority. 

Yunikee does not restrict you to pursue parallel working opportunities with other organizations or individuals. However, if these choices of your other work, are deemed by Yunikee as detrimental to the organization's public image and branding, Yunikee reserves the right to stop allocating work to you with immediate effect. 

You may not produce or represent yourself as an employee of Yunikee for securing other working opportunities or business proposal. You will treat all content created for Yunikee as the intellectual property of Yunikee and cannot be used otherwise. 

You will not represent the goal and vision of Yunikee and its sub-categories unless authorised by Yunikee. If it is found that you have been representing Yunikee to gain other projects or business opportunities, Yunikee reserves the right to further action. 

At no point in time, either during or after your working relationship with Yunikee, will you make derogatory comments and spread false information about the organization and its sub-categories. 

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