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Freedom to sign! - Is standardising sign language correct?

Here is a video we made last august celebrating the Indian Independence. Like the diverse cultures of India, we tried to show the diversity in signs within India and the beauty of the language.

I have been preview to a few conversations about the need to standardize Indian Sign Language and it seems to raise from the prism of solving the communication challenge between the hearing and deaf through automation and technology (Gloves, AI, Glasses, etc).

But sign langauge is a language on its own, with its own dialects, linguistic features, and cultural aspects. Let alone standardising ISL, will the next step to this be standardising it across the globe (ASL, BSL, Intl' SL, and many others) Would native English speakers agree to standardizing English across the US, OZ and UK?

Answer the poll and comment on your thoughts (for or against) about standardizing sign language. May be I am missing something.

Should Sign Language Be Standardized?

  • 0%Yes!

  • 0%No!

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