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reach over 500 million user base

make your products & services accessible 


Million people across the world use Sign Language as their primary medium of communication

Does your product or service cater to them?

Probably NOT. Talk to your potential customers in a language they understand - Sign Language.

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Explore a New Market Segment

Creating a product or service means reaching newer market segments on a regular basis to increase market share. The deaf community worldwide consume products and services. However, building brand loyalty with them simply means talking to them in a language they resonate with .    - Sign Language

Why Content in Sign Language?

Reach A Wider Audience

If you are in the business of creating youtube videos, or online courses, have you ever thought of a completely untouched segment of deaf learners and viewers who cannot understand your standard content and therefore do not watch your videos or buy your courses? Creating content customised in sign language will help you reach a totally new set of audience

Make Your Organization

Truly Inclusive

Whether is training or on-boarding your deaf employees, creating content in Sign Language will earn their respect and loyalty towards the organization. Make your company a truly inclusive one by opening channels of communication with your deaf employees.

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